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What's the key to a successful marriage? 

I believe adhering to a Non-Compete Clause should be written into every understanding of marriage! 

Successful marriages bring out the best in people. Partners encourage each other to find dreams and work toward them. Struggles come and go in an ebb and flow, but they exist together like the moon and sun. Sometimes, dreams even collide in the best of ways like dark chocolate and red chili. 

Yet, often I see marriages that seem to look more like wrestling matches, fault finding trips with the bride and groom becoming test takers seeking the answers to questions the other devised without knowledge to the information beforehand.

No one becomes a champion in these marriages because no one champions the other.  

These love contracts need to review a basic marriage agreement--- not to compete. They need a non-compete clause with the other for status, notoriety, attention, ease of life, jobs, workload, fault, and blame.  

This is a simple pre-condition…


He's at that point in his life. It's a developmental milestone! He's learning to stand up. I definitely don't want to miss watching his attempts because he's very proud of his efforts. He's loving the whole new view of the world as he plays in cabinets, finds objects on top of coffee tables, and follows others up the stairs.  

This standing up stage doesn't come without some precarious moments. There's his constant wavering effort to gain the muscle needed to hold still without tumbling. This standing life feels like a balancing act, but the view from the top is exhilarating enough to secure the climb. 

Success in this climb to stand requires a focused, teetering wire act.  It won't come without some bruises and noggin bumps. 

And from his smiling, straight leg stand, the view down appears tumultuous. As if it's an afterthought, he realizes that what stands up must find a smooth landing as his legs begin to feel weak. 

Contemplating his decent is fr…