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For this Christmas I ask, "WHAT DON'T I KNOW THAT I DON'T KNOW?"

When my son was preparing for final exam time,  I dared to ask him how it was going. Anyone who has walked through college examination season knows the answer to that one.  His heavy sighed reply, "Fine, but I don't really know, what I don't know."

That's truth! There's that blindness about our very own lives we are walking through.   Sometimes our hearts beat more evenly in the not knowing.  Heart storms are calmed and circumstances comforted in a warm blanket of fog.

Yet, at other times there's trembling, anxious quandary.  The walking alone through dark forests, head down but ears pricked alert for any sound, any word, friend or foe, deliverance or destruction.

I'd imagine that even upon learning of her Christmas baby Jesus' incarnation, this Christmas mother stood short-breathed in desperate wonderment.  I would imagine that upon looking ahead she was often quick kneed to the ground to stoop low in prayer in the fear of what she didn't k…

...And the AWARD goes to...

My daughter and I were talking today about school award ceremonies; she expressed how she thought they were silly: "Did one need to be given out for every subject? Who needs an award in PE...PE?"  Hey, I remember getting an award in PE as a student and feeling I deserved it.

As a teacher and coach, I have handed students awards for a variety of reasons. I have always struggled with this process. For several years, I honored students with an award for the subject English. The rules were to pick one student for the sake of time. (If you have ever sat through those hot, packed gymnasium  award ceremonies, you would agree--until it is that moment your child is being recognized and you want time to stand still.)  I got around the rule by picking one from each grade level I taught at the time: 7th through 9th.    I complied, but it was still difficult. I wanted to personally go to each student that I didn't select to proclaim, "I'm sorry; you deserve an award, too.&qu…