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Heaven's Melody

A soul kissed by birds' chatter becomes heaven's melody.

A REEL CONVERSATION: conversing is a bit like fishing

In a day when people have the ability to be more connected than ever, I keep hearing people claim that statistics show people feel less connected than ever before. The quick culprit to blame for the disconnect is usually technology, particularly social media and cell phones. Yet, I wonder if people would still feel as disconnected without these advances?  We really are more busy and more in contact with people today than we have ever been.  Should we feel more connected?

Technology aside and other cultural cues the same, I think we would still feel a disconnect. In our contacts with others, we  speak fewer words of meaning from our depth and soul.  We formulate agendas and checklists with our conversations rather than bonds.  Can we blame that on technology?

Think about the phrase used years ago by people, I will takeyou at your word.   Your words were weighted heavily; they were a buoy to who you were. They were your bond. We spat into our hands, looked into another's eyes, mean…


With the immediate combination grunt of "oh" and "ugh," I fell to my knees on the hot, black parking lot to rescue the tumbling, scattering blueberries I had just purchased. My right knee (having just injured the ligaments and tendons days before) quickly reminded me that this squat retrieval position would definitely cost an endurance of pain. Nevertheless, in my mind,  it was quickly evident that there could be only one possible response to this difficult dilemma.  

After all, it was to save two pounds of blueberries--TWO POUNDS! The cost alone of those berries impelled me to save them --over $6.  I realized the loss of 1/3 of them seemed minimal compared to the value of the many other grocery items I had purchased.   Yet, there they lay contaminated by all that had touched that same rainy pavement.  So much for organic! 

I contemplated just leaving them to the torture of the tires. But to me, they appeared still usable. They weren't totally ruined or smashed-…

a fragmented, molded caressed life

a fragmented, molded caressed life

an enveloped, ethereal sieved glimpses heart
a sweet, stolen soft-wind breath
a quiet, lonely, needing beating
closed-eye brain filtered words
fade with light opened eyes
a captured corner heart-soul
a steady clumsy rock life

a hole, heart, healing, Hope
a soul, sacrifice, sanctuary, Savior
a tear, torture, time, transformation
a pain, path, praise, Promise
a broken, blood,  Builder, blessings
a failing, forgiveness, fool, faith
a loss, longing, losing, Life
a tumult, trying, telling, Truth
a mangled, message, Maker, mercy
a  suffering, searching, sowing, Seed
a worry, wavering, wanderer, Word
a hollow, hand,  honor, home
an exhaustion, emptiness,  example,  eternity

a fragmented, molded caressed life


A few photos my son posted on Vine the other day  gave me instant giggles.  I  looked twice to see  it was really him.   I love these fun images after they are distorted, especially when the person is morphed so that the image reminds me of someone else in real  life or a cartoon character.    Sometimes the way we are perceived is not the way we intend. Maybe the image we project to others is not what they are receiving, and yet it might be exactly what they are perceiving.  One day a few students came into my classroom without saying anything to me.  They began whispering to one another about my mood, discussing how they thought I was in a bad mood. (Imagine the dread of starting a class with a teacher already in a bad mood! Yipes.) I had been in deep concentration grading a four page writing.  I asked them what made them jump to that conclusion so readily. They said I looked like I was mad which was exactly the opposite of what I had been feeling inside.  (It was a great writing that…