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ANOTHER WRITING IDEA In the immediate aftermath  and shock of death, information is collected  by a newspaper to announce and celebrate a life to write an obituary.                  Names…dates…honors…survivors…a picture…a recording of the remains of  life. But what if the dying were able to provide a real tribute to their own lives?         Passions…purpose…highlights…heroes…hopes…etchings of  the testimony of a life. It’s a difficult  and brave matter deciding how to define the life you are living–to review it from outside yourself to decide in limited words what will represent your life at its end. I wondered what questions I would ask to be able to write this type of obituary for another person. So here are the beginnings, the questions, the ramblings of a brain that is throwing around the idea of engraving someone’s life through words. Here are the first raw thoughts of questions that I think could be used to glean the picture of a life in order to help to shape a story for other…


con·cert  agreement, accordance, or harmony.

con·cert·ed adjective 1. jointly arranged, planned, or carried out; coordinated.

synonyms:joint, united, collaborative, collective, combined, cooperative
"concerted action" antonyms:individual strenuously carried out; done with great effort.

synonyms:strenuous, vigorous, intensive, intense, concentrated;

antonyms:halfhearted 2. (of music) arranged in several parts of equal importance.
CONCERT...the meaning is not lost on me in the midst of our COUNTRY'Srecent tragedy. It stands like a siren beckoning us as a countryto dig deeper, to hear, to heed, to hone a weakened resolve to work together for the humane soul of our country.

A COUNTRYCONCERT...the strange  significance of those words side by side is not lost on me. 
With compassion and fearless deed, fraternity was the first concertedresponse, mutually agreeing to save lives through any means possible, even at the ultimate sacrifice of laying down one's own that others might live.