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After 29 years in education, I would have thought I perfected this teaching thing.Yet with my introspective nature, I don't  really expect that to have happened. I would like to think I've grown considerably and tried steadily to be a good teacher. In the hard drive of my brain, self-assessment is malware.  It's a constantly running program in the background of my brain. Truly, no one knows better than me my failures and weaknesses, and likewise no one knows better than me my desire to create a better version of me, the teacher, to improve the operating system.

As I wrap up this school year and my teacher career, this teacher evaluation component of a teacher's life has often been a quandary for me. I've thrived under systems that foster teacher learning. I've found myself more productive than those that that just gave check marks for teacher competence. Teachers that feel they are being judged by Simon Cowell work for the smile not the frown, but that's onl…