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7 Ways Hollywood Gets Romance Right!---No Really!

I feel like I ought to duck my head because you might throw apples after this next statement.  I like romance movies. No barfing on my blog please! Hear me out first. While there is a whole lot about real-life romance and love that Hollywood gets wrong, there are some things that Hollywood gets absolutely right.  While there may be a lot of poor examples of on screen romance and what true love should be, there are reasons this genre needs to survive and thrive. If you're still with me and able to reserve the inner critic enough to analyze my ideas, we might find some common ground.

When my husband wants to go see a movie, I look for drama, comedy, and romance. Sci-fi is difficult because I prefer something I can relate to. You might be thinking that the romance you see coming from Hollywood is so NOT real life and is totally unrelateable. You might not like romance because it deals with wildly exaggerated love in a sentimental, idealized, mythical kind of way.

Yet, Hollywood does…