Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
-Psalm 34:18

My niece and nephew lose their precious baby boy two days after cradling him for nine months in her womb. Our hearts break with them, and we know there are no words we can give to glue the chasm in their hearts back together. 

When the dream of a life ebbs away, the hole creates a vacuum that siphons our lives with it. 

And  when it seems absolutely inconceivable that one day again we will sense sweetness in the silence, make melody in music, look high for rainbows, seek pleasure in public, find faith for the future, and pursue purpose in Your plans, You choose to continue to heal our hearts' holes. 

When there seems to be no reason to recall yesterdays, plans for tomorrow, or even remember that today is Friday or Sunday or Wednesday, you plant purpose. 

The fact that You are not frozen still like we are by our heartbreak, 

that we are not condemned by our flowing tears that weep of doubt and "whys,"
that we are not abandoned because of our throat choked voice harnessed by anger and fear, 
that our reality is not made complete with the hope we cannot fathom, 
but that You hear the numb prayers that our unstitched hearts whisper, 

is evidence that GOD IS STILL WORKING!

In our heads and hearts, we know that we are always in God's hands, but when the control of this daily life we think we are holding is stripped away and everything seems to fall apart,  then what remains can clearly only be the strength of His hands that sustain us and that remind us that we are held, rocked, followed, watched, and cared for.  

We continue to hold Hannah and Chris tight with arms bound together in love. We know that it is not our arms that will keep them feeling safe but His love that they begin to feel from our embrace. 

When everything falls apart, we hold you strong, and He loves you still.

ASHER,  WE LOVED YOU THE MOMENT WE KNEW YOU---- from all your family

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I am translating the upside down wisdom of our God for you because the world often taunts and mocks His ageless wisdom as lacking and shallow. I pray you  always find true life giving wisdom when you seek with your heart and mind and soul the everlasting words of wisdom.

May you embrace the beauty in the blemish, the bruise, the ugly, the damaged, the lost. Don't be distracted by the shiny, but be startled  awake by the lovely in the low and deep and wide and hard places.

May your hands always be dirty with the work that serves others' needs. There will be long tired days that will hurt your muscles,  but your heart will sing strong for joy.

May  worry and sleepless nights submit to an assurance of purpose that God will sing over you.

May you breath life into others with words that judge others as God sees them: holy and worthy creations.

May your tired and bruised soul only be blemished from the love you have given over and over and over. May you not count the days of sacrifice but count on sacrifice.

May the day you leave home you realize that your home may be where you are without a roof, without a chair, without a bed, without a door.  May your home be a heart lassoed to Him no matter the circumstances and finery. May your home not be sturdied walls but sturdied by a steady lean into Him.

May the  foundation of your life be stones of forgiveness that are dug hard in the earth, never slung at another.

May you strive for less of the need for the immediate, less of a desire for what others want, less of the search for the popular and trendy.

May you seek the turmoil and deliver peace with a sword of thankfulness.

May you gain peace only by warring with the truth.

May you count the cost and decide it doesn't matter but count the cost by what really matters.

May you lead without selfish ambition.  May you never have that haughty attitude that seeks to push ahead of the others around you  but count others more important than yourself.  The humble path always causes others to question your motives and a genuine attitude of caring causes others to want to follow. The way we treat others impacts everyone. That is the ripple effect of great leadership.

May you react in heated moments with honor and not out of raw emotions. Don't assume what you immediately see is the most accurate perspective. You cannot know another's heart and mind except with a dialogue without gloves and guarded hearts. Even when offended, attempt to answer with honest grace, gentleness, and peace. It will be the only path to true resolution. It might seem like our job is to set others straight, fix them, prove them wrong, respond in like anger so they see how they are acting, but in the heat of the moment, they are probably not listening.  Our job is to maintain perspective and respond with a gentleness that turns their wrath away. The truth is that if you respond in like, you trade your peace for anger.

May you always believe you have something to offer.  May you always act from this knowledge.  Count your gifts around you and then be the blessing by blessing others with grace and the gifts you have been given.  Holding tight to what we have been given squelches, but letting go allows it to multiply through others.

May you learn in life the difference between God-sized dreams and man made dreams. Go BIG but it may appear small.

May you experience work that is  God-given in the midst of the man-driven. One will make your soul grow dry and weary and the other will energize you for the day and others, satisfy your mind, send your head to your pillow with a good night's rest and wake your eyes to believe in it for the next day.

If you want to be heard in this screaming, noisy world, lower your voice and whisper grace. When the crowd is loud, one ear hears and quiets to truth and obedience and the impact catches like fire.  The loud people are used to the noise; the quiet is the rarer noise.

If you feel least and small and purposeless, remember that comparison to others is as a mirage. There is no comparison in this world that matters other than living a life well for God (and He always smiles over you).

Jesus is never lost to you.  When you look and your eyes do not see and you seek answers that you can't find and feel empty in your search, He is there. He holds you strong through the journey so that you see what He has set forth for you, not your own desires that are shortsighted and limited in their reaching.

Don't try to be a hero by seeking glory from those with power and position. You already have a Hero who is wanting to make you a hero to those near you that He has called you to serve.

There is no special age for gaining wisdom, but there are eyes and hearts and souls that gain it because they seek it from the Source it can be found.  You were made for a time and place such as now. Seek it all your days because it can be found.

May you always know you are loved.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


It seemed to be a slow slide into spring, days patiently pushing the powder toward petals.

But with a turn of my head,  my heart began to race jagged across the pages of days.

Standing before twenty-two fourth grade students who could never have imagined their "Goodbye, Mrs. Pridemore" chanted one Thursday afternoon would be their last, I knew they feared to face the fade to memories as the sole source of honor for their song singing teacher.   

An aneurysm shook her body from her earthly throne, but her purpose patterned persistence designed the legacy now engraved on their hearts.

The balm of words and prayers ease the oozing ache of wounded hearts. 

Daily classroom life dulls the breathless, silent panting.

Tears sting less as confused anger subsides and lingering sorrow softens. 

And these ten year old souls I have come to know and who know the hope of Heaven will ever be lullabied the whispers of Amazing Grace by their witness from the clouds, Mrs. Pridemore.